The Farm And The Land

Welcome to Tilling Point Farm…a small, off-grid, organic farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We raise produce, flowers, chicken and pigs. We dabble in permaculture and biodynamics. Our farming business is built from sweat and tears – which makes for the truly best fertilizer.

Tilling Point Farm encompasses sustainable farming methods that work within our ecological landscape. Comprised of both forest and pasture, we utilize both wonderfully diverse landscapes to grow and nourish our plants and animals.

Original township settler and Revolutionary War patriot, Thomas Lamoreaux, cultivated the very same rich soil for apple orcharding in the 1700’s. He and his son, John (also a patriot) are buried at the top of the pasture near the forest line.

The Farmers

Tilling Point Farm was conceived as a project that affirms the Wyoming Valley’s commitment to re-localizing food production in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Growing up in the valley, Liza Rolland developed a deep appreciation for the natural and a passion for good, wholesome food, sustainability and community. She respects the land and all the marvelous life forms on the farm. For her, farming provides an avenue to serve, educate and grow the local community.