Notice: Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program had been discontinued in light of the new direction the company is taking.

About The Program

Tilling Point’s CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, provides you with a share of the farm’s delicious organic harvest for a full 22-week growing season from June through November. Our CSA members enjoy weekly baskets of over 200 varieties of fresh, seasonal produce, herbs and cut flowers, as well as pasture raised chicken eggs and a flower share. We also offer free access to our farming and cooking workshops.

So what is a CSA?

Tilling Point Farm is primarily sustained by the wonderful collection of shareholders who make up our CSA. CSA stands for a Community Supported Agriculture program, which is a type of socio-economic model for agriculture and food distribution. Basically, a CSA is a subscription to a farm, where a community of people all pay an upfront fee to help us offset the input costs that are mostly incurred at the beginning of the season, then their vegetables are distributed on a weekly basis throughout the growing season. But our farm CSA is much more than just a membership. By buying a share of the farm you become a part of the farm – you are in relationship with the farmers and the land, and therefore much more connected to the food you eat. The foods in your box each week will change with the seasons and you will most likely get to try some vegetables you’ve never heard of, and choose many of the things we grow.

What to expect from your share and your farmers

In deciding to become a CSA member, you are choosing to eat seasonally, meaning that the majority of your share will change throughout the 22 weeks. While this can be challenging at first, most customers find the experience of eating seasonally, exciting and delicious. We selected our produce varieties for excellent taste and flavor (not storability) and therefore things may look a little different from what you might find in a grocery store. We aim to fill your box with standard vegetables that most people generally like and will typically introduce other more unusual items in each box.

You can expect, and our promise to you is that all of the products that you receive from Tilling Point Farm will be produced according to the USDA Certified Organic Grown standards (i.e. no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, no GMOs) and grown with your, our and the Earth’s health in mind. We are a PA Organic and USDA Certified Organic farm.

You can also expect to join a community of CSA shareholders who connect through social media, receive updates from us about the farm in our weekly newsletter, that will include recipes and descriptions of the more obscure produce as well as invitations to come visit us. We really want to make this a fully engaging, exciting and interactive exchange for everyone. Certainly, a big box full of produce every week may be a new and overwhelming concept, however, we hope to make it fun, educational and healthy for all of our members.

What’s in my share?

Our introductory Harvest Box is a bountiful share of organic, “rare heirloom” produce. The number of items (a head of lettuce, a bunch of beets, a basket of strawberries would all be considered one item) will vary from week to week depending on the season. We will always balance the box with other leafy greens, assorted root crops, in season fruits (tomatoes, squash, melons), as well as specialty items to discover and enjoy. Shares tend to be smaller in the spring, becoming more abundant in the summer and fall. If interested in a larger share, please contact us and we’d be more than happy to accommodate.

Along with each weekly share you may include whatever add-ons you select (flowers, eggs, extra greens) for the given week. We work hard to keep each share diverse while also regularly including favorites like carrots. You will experience a variety of produce such as “candy cane striped” beets, lemon cuke cucumbers, and flashy butter gem lettuce. We look forward to the “famous” French charentais melon and also super sweet strawberry watermelon. If you have never tasted a true heirloom tomato, you most certainly will be in for a treat with the frosted green doctor, the chocolate pear or the well-known brandywine “beefsteak.” These are just a few of the varieties that we plan to grow.

By purchasing a share, you are not only securing the best, most local, freshest vegetables possible, but you are simultaneously supporting a small family, a small business, and a small farm. We are so excited to get this season rolling and hope you are, too! Remember, the amount of shares we can offer is limited so SIGN UP SOON! If you have any questions or confusion, about vegetables or sizes or delivery locations, please let us know.


Our membership fee is $500 for the season (that is about $23 per week), payable up front as a means to reserve your membership. However, during peak season it will not be uncommon for you to receive more value in your box than normal.

Flower CSA

Nourish your soul by purchasing a Flower CSA Share from Tilling Point Farm! You’ll receive one fresh, beautiful bouquet a week for 12 weeks from July through September. Your bouquet will come creatively designed with an organic ascetic in mind, and wrapped in craft paper. Flowers are the perfect gift; they bring the natural world into your living or working space.
12 weeks / 12 bouquets $144.00

Responsibility for picking up your share

You are responsible for arranging to pick up your produce. If you are unable to pick up your share, please try to have a friend or neighbor pick it up for you. You can put your share on hold for two weeks during the season. If you need to cancel your share for the week, please notify the farm via email one day in advance. We are unable to refund the value of cancelled weeks.

Vacation Option: If you are going on vacation during the summer, share your share with a friend or donate it to the St. Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen.

When and where to pickup your share

At the farm: The range of available items is always greatest on the farm on Wednesday. So come on WEDNESDAYS from NOON – 6:00 P.M. We will have your boxes ready to go. The other advantage of coming by on Wednesday is that you get to hang out with your AMAZING fellow members, which is really one of the best parts of belonging to (or running) this CSA.

You may also pick up your box at Isabella Restaurant, Wilkes-Barre, The Lands at Hillside Farms, Shavertown, Vive Health & Fitness, Kingston, and T.W. Shoemaker Art, Wyoming. We will let you know pickup times at each location before the start of the season.

We are willing to establish other pick up locations with a minimum of 10 customers. If you would like to offer your home or business as a pick up location, that would be awesome, and we would really appreciate it (as a bonus, it makes it really easy to get your veggies every week)! Please email us to set up your home or business as a pick up location.

There are NO WORKING MEMBER requirements, although there are plenty of optional “help us out” days, which we’ll email you about as the season progresses. There is no price advantage to helping us … it’s just fun!