What’s in the Box?

Artichokes…we’ve seen them in the supermarkets as a fresh vegetable. However, we most commonly find them in a can or jar, used as a pizza topping or in a pasta dish, and probably have enjoyed them prepared in a bubbling hot dip mixed with spinach and cheese. The heirloom variety we are growing is called […]

About Our Name

Tilling Point is a word play on the wildly popular book “The Tipping Point”. The tipping point is that MAGIC moment when an idea or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads. The popularized book puts forth that it’s the little things that can make a big difference in social dynamics. Here at the […]

Rainbow Eggs

A flock, these days, is not complete without rainbow egg layers. White eggs are wonderful yet the blue, olive green, light pink and rich brown shells are truly sights to behold. People are amazed by the spectrum of colors and many argue that the yolks inside these candy colored shells taste different and are firmer.

Boss of the Flock

My first foray into being self-sustaining began with raising my own flock of chickens five years ago. I have experienced love and loss and learned a great deal from these comical, quirky creatures. They have become family pets, each chick bestowed a name to match her distinctive personality and look. Hershey our Black Sumatra is […]